Easy Mini Lamp DIY Tutorial

Here’s how you can easily make a mini lamp at home.

Things required to make the mini lamp-

A small paper/plastic tester cup

Double sided tape




Glue gun

Pearl bead string

Wood Beads

Bottle cap

Bamboo skewer

Acrylic paint

How to make-

-Take a small paper/plastic tester cup.

-Cover the cup with double-sided tape.

-Use any fabric or paper to cover the cup.

-Secure the end with double-sided tape.

-Cut off all the excess fabric.

-Paste some lace on the bottom of the cum using glue.

-Glue bead string around the lace.

-To make the stand, glue all the wooden beads to the bamboo skewer.

-Cut off the excess skewer.

-Glue the skewer to the bottle cap.

-Paint it with brown acrylic paint.

-Glue the lampshade to the top of the skewer.

-Your mini lamp is ready.






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