How to decorate a Hair band/Hair Clip- DIY Tutorial

Wearing a hear accessory like a hair band or a beautiful hair clip adds to your overall look. In this video you will learn how to can easily decorate your hair band or your hair clip using things that are very cheap and easily available at your home.

Things Required-



Nail Polish

A piece of foam



Hair clip

Steps to decorate hairband & hair clip-

First, roll out a piece of wire to make flower petals as shown in the video. Next dip the wire flower in your favorite nail polish color like red, yellow, orange or blue. Hang the flower into a piece of foam to let it dry completely. Now cut the extra wire from the flower and paste it into the hair band using glue. Your colorful hair band is ready to wear.

You can stick the same wire flowers on a hair clip to decorate it or add springs to the flowers as shown in the video.

Hope you enjoyed the “How to decorate a Hairband/Hair Clip- DIY Tutorial ” video as much as we had in sharing it with you.



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