Dad Baby Viral Video: Chinese Man Uses A Clever Trick To Get Baby To Sleep

A dad baby video is going viral on the social media that shows a Chinese man sleeping with his baby. What’s hilarious to note is that the man has used a clever idea to stay awake with his child all night.

Infants wake up at night frequently and want their parents to wake up too. Well, the same is the case with this Chinese man, but, he has found an innovative idea to save his sleep. He has drawn eyes on his eyelids to trick his baby into thinking that he is wide awake. All this while he enjoyed a nice nap.

If you look at the clip, the man can be seen sleeping next to the baby with but his eyes seem to be wide open. But if you’ll look carefully, you will that those eyelids and eyes are all painted.

The viral video was shared on Chinese social media site Weibo and garnered more than 4.17 million views, according to India Times.

The video clip also shows a father playing game on his computer with his small baby tied to his chest.

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