A CHARMING BLUFF – Gunita & Harry Wedding Trailer

Only once in your life your path collides with someone’s that changes you, that changes you so profoundly, that you’re not the same person anymore, even unto your last name. He let’s you steal his as romantically as you let him steal your heart.

But that’s not how the story begins. The story begins when two opposite game players that meet over coffee in Dubai with a group of friends, instantly take to disliking one another.

She is brushed off by his pomposity and he regards her infantile tout de suite. Despite the aversion, she is certain he is stricken by her even though he would never divulge he is, and when she’s somebody as gorgeous as Gunita, Harry couldn’t help but fall for her a little more everyday, and every time she said “Haanji”, it was a royal flush.

She’d found someone she was guaranteed would make her laugh all her life, someone as charming as him. They could either bluff or go all in. And they did, they went all in.

Their cards were both showing hearts and The Wedding Story ended up filming this Charming Bluff :)

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