Amazing Coffee Latte Art Video

Amazing Coffee Latte Art Video

While some coffee lovers just love sipping their cup of coffee every day, some others try to give their coffee a new look by making espresso an art. The way baristas create designs like hearts and tulips is completely magical.  Coffee latte art is the pattern made in the foam topping espresso drinks. Have you ever wondered how to make latte art in your own kitchen?

Well, to try out latte art in your cup of coffee, just make sure that the milk is properly steamed and the espresso has great crema, which is the delicate foam on top of the espresso shot. Remember one thing that it’s not possible to make latte by simply adding regular milk to coffee.

There are three basic phases of making latte art- making the perfect foam, pulling the espresso and pouring the milk.

To make the perfect foam, the first step is to pour cold milk (at 1˚C or 34˚F) into your steam pitcher. Now, put the steam wand at the bottom of the pitcher, turn on the steam, and raise the wand slowly until it is close to the tip of the milk. Lower the pitcher as the milk continues to rise so that the steam wand stays about 1 cm away from the tip of the milk. Let the milk reach 37˚C or 100˚F and place the steam wand deep into the milk.

Now shut the steam and remove the thermometer and wand from the milk. Tap the pitcher of foamed milk on the counter and then swirl the milk gently to prepare it for pouring. Clean the steam wand with a wet cloth.

Start running the shots as soon as you foam the milk. Each shot of espresso should contain between 7 and 8 grams of ground espresso. Use 30 – 40 lbs of pressure to tamp down on the portafilter. Next, pull the espresso shots. The ideal shot should have a little cream in it, as well as the typical coffee flavor. Pour the espresso shots into a coffee mug or other container with a big mouth. Don’t let the shot sit for more than 10 seconds before adding milk.

Start the pour a little high until the cup is nearly half full, and then lower the pour so it’s close to the crema to make the foam appear. Hold the cup at an angle and pour steadily. Make sure to pour at a steady speed. When the cup is nearly half full, start pouring to the back of the cup, moving the pitcher from side to side using gentle wrist movement. Pour the milk as you move the jug from side to side until the foam appears on the surface. Continue with this motion until a pattern appears.

Now you know how to make coffee latte art. However, it will take time and practice to master pouring latte art.

Check out the amazing Coffee Latte Art video and do try out making those patterns in your next cup of coffee.

Credit- @dhantamang1

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