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Unbelievable! Conjoined Twins With Two Heads, Three Hands Born To Indian Mother 0

In a rare case, a woman gave birth to conjoined twins with two heads and three hands at a hospital in India on Saturday, November 23.

Babita Ahirwar, 21, had the delivery by cesarean section. The twins have a separate head but share a heart, according to medics. The infant’s third hand had two palms attached to it.

Conjoined twins with two heads, one body, and three arms are known as tribrachius parapagus. They are extremely rare and their survival rate is very low, reported IFLScience.


The new mother and her husband Jaswant Singh Ahirwar said they initially thought they were the parents of twins.

“It was a mixed feeling when the nurses handed over the baby to me,” Babita said. “Initially, I thought it was a twin, but when the nurses removed the towel, I was shocked to see our firstborn with two heads and three hands.”

Twin Babies Share One Heart

Dr. Surendra Sonkar, who delivered the baby at state-run Vidisha Sadar hospital, said the newborn has only one heart.

“This is a very rare condition and this is the first time that I have come across such a case in my career,” Dr. Sonkar said.

Unfortunately, this form of conjoined twins is extremely difficult to separate as they often share vital organs. The condition also comes with a huge host of potential complications that can threaten the lives of both twins.

The babies are currently under observation at Bhopal’s Hamidi Medical College and Hospital where doctors are weighing options to save them. As the twins share a heart, their prospect of a long and happy life remains small. Nevertheless, the twins’ parents have vowed to do their best to take care of their newborn children.

“This is my baby and I will raise him as he is. I am yet to hold him in my hands,” Mr. Ahirwar said. “People are saying many things but he is my baby and I will take him home. As long as he is alive, I will love him and take care of him.”

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