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Is Pizza A Healthier Breakfast Option Than A Bowl Of Cereal? A Dietitian Claims So 0

Will you believe if someone says having pizza for breakfast is healthier than having a bowl of cereals?  Absolutely not, right. But a health professional claims that there’s no harm in having a slice of pizza in your breakfast.

Dietitian Chelsey Amer said in an interview with food website The Daily Meal that choosing a slice of pizza over a typical bowl of cereals is a healthier choice.

“You may be surprised to find out that an average slice of pizza and a bowl of cereal with whole milk contain nearly the same amount of calories,” Amer told The Daily Meal. “However, pizza packs a much larger protein punch, which will keep you full and boost satiety throughout the morning.”

Amer mentioned that pizza isn’t a health food and it’s certainly not the most nutritious option one can have. But when compared with a bowl of sugar flakes, it’s a more balanced meal. She added that a slice of pizza has more fat and less sugar content than most cold cereals.

Melissa Rifkin, a bariatric dietitian at the Montefiore Medical Center in New York, suggests otherwise. She said that pizza is definitely not a smart pick.

“While pizza can be a healthier choice per se, you may be giving most people an open window here of really amping up sodium, carbohydrates and fat early in the morning and setting oneself up for failure throughout the day,” Rifkin added.

Dietitian Keri Gans argues that cereal is still a good breakfast option.

“You could top your cereal with berries, which are rich in vitamins,” Gans told the New York Post. She stated that if one chooses the right cereal that’s packed with fiber, it may help lower cholesterol and control blood sugar.

Do you really believe pizza is healthier than cereals? Let us know in comments below.

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