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Nerf Guns are not safe for your kids; Foam bullets can even make them blind 0

If your kids love playing with Nerf guns then please read this carefully. The bullets used in Nerf guns are foam-based, so, parents think they are not going to harm their kids in any manner. But, this is not correct, at least according to a group of doctors from Moorfield Eye Hospital in London.

In a recent report, which has been published by British Medical Journal, doctors from the London-based hospital have warned parents that Nerf guns can cause serious eye injuries in their children. They reported that they have treated three patients for internal bleeding in the eye who were shot with the Hasbro Nerf gun bullets.

Among the three patients, one was a 32-year-old man who was shot in the eye from a distance of 26 feet away. The man complained of blurred vision and a red eye. The other victim was a 43-year-old woman who was hit with a bullet from a distance of just three feet away. The bullet caused blurred vision and a red, sore eye.

The third and the youngest patient was an 11-year-old boy who suffered swelling in the outer and inner layer of his right eye after Nerf bullet hit him from about six feet away, BBC News reported.

Although all the three patients made a full recovery, doctors have warned that the bullets can even cause long-term vision loss.

Hasbro Nerf guns are designed for children 8 years old or older. The toy maker has claimed that its toys are always tested for safety and fun and that the Nerf foam darts and foam rounds are not hazardous when used properly. The company has advised people to avoid buying unbrand Nerf guns and foam bullets that are available online as the bullets may be made with a harder material and may not meet safety standards and regulations.


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