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McDonald’s Serves Dead Lizard With French Fries In Kolkata Outlet! 0

There’s no doubt that McDonald’s is very popular among burger lovers. But, an incident took place recently which will definitely force people to think twice before heading to the popular fast food joint next time.

Priyanka Moitra and her daughter recently went to the McDonald’s EM Bypass outlet in Kolkata. They ordered a plate of French fries among other food items. While having the meal, Priyanka’s daughter found a dead lizard amidst the French fries.

Priyanka, who is expecting a baby, started feeling ill. She reported the matter to the outlet manager who apologized and offered to replace the fries with fresh stuff. She also took a picture of the deep-fried lizard and filed a complaint against the McDonald’s outlet at the Phulbagan police station.

Priyanka said that she felt that filing a police complaint was important as everybody should know about the incident as consumption of such poisonous food could prove to be fatal.

In response, the McDonald’s India official spokesperson said that they are in contact with the customer and are taking the case very seriously. They have launched a probe into the matter to gather the facts right. The spokesperson said that they are fully co-operating with the authorities involves.

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Picture Courtesy- India.com

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