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Full-Fat Cheese And Milk ‘Do Not Increase Heart Risk’ 0

Full-fat dairy products do not increase our risk of heart attack or stroke, according to new research.

A group of experts concluded that warnings about dairy being harmful because of its high saturated-fat content is a “mistaken belief.” reported The Independent. The team in Reading University in the UK examined 29 existing studies, involving 938,465 people. It follows recent Irish research from UCD that suggested people who ate more cheese tended to be thinner than those who did not.

The Irish research looked at the diet of 1,500 people and found those who ate more dairy products had smaller waists and lower blood pressure. The latest report, in the ‘European Journal of Epidemiology’, comes in the wake of a growing backlash against dietary advice about saturated fat being bad for us and claims it was unfairly demonised. The UK research concluded that dairy foodstuffs have a “neutral” impact on human health.

Ian Givens, a professor of food chain nutrition at Reading University, who was one of the researchers, said: “There’s quite a widespread but mistaken belief among the public that dairy products in general can be bad for you, but that’s a misconception. While it is a widely held belief, our research shows that that’s wrong.

“This meta-analysis showed there were no associations between total dairy, high- and low-fat dairy, milk and the health outcomes including all-cause mortality, coronary heart disease or cardiovascular disease.”


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