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8 Best Ayurveda Tips For A Fit And Healthy Life 0

This is 100 percent true that we cannot see what future has in store for us. Especially in this fast moving world where each one of us is running blindly in the race of life, it is very important to take out a few minutes every day to stay ‘disease-free’. People often don’t pay much attention to what they eat or drink which as a result leads to a lot of diet-related health issues.The ancient medicinal science, Ayurveda, illustrates detailed tips on how we can take care of our health. We can keep a lot of health problems and diseases at bay if we follow these tips regularly.

Some of the best Ayurveda tips for a fit and healthy life have been listed below-

Drink lukewarm water Drink Lukewarm Water

Try to drink lukewarm water instead of cold water. If it’s not possible for you to drink warm water all throughout the day, make sure you intake at least 2-3 glasses of lukewarm water every day. Lukewarm water helps in weight loss; it flushes out toxins from our body as well as ensures smooth functioning of the digestion system.



Make a timetableMake A Time Table

It is important to follow a systematized daily routine. Fix a timetable for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. This will help in better food digestion. Ayurveda also emphasizes on maintaining sleeping and waking times. The best time to sleep is around 10 PM and the best time to wake is around 6 AM. Make sure you take at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep.




Drink Water between mealsAvoid Consuming Water In Between Meals

Drinking water between meals is not at all good for health.  One should drink water at least 40 minutes after taking a meal. The reason behind avoiding water between meals is that it leads to poor digestion of food.



ExerciseExercise is essential

Today’s work lifestyle demands people to stick to their chair in front of the laptop the entire day. A sedentary lifestyle with little or no physical activity leads to a number of modern-day health issues including obesity and diabetes. It’s important to spare some time out daily for any sort of physical activity may it be walking, exercise or even yoga.


Sunlight exposureExposure to Sunlight

Sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D. Make it a point to expose your body to sunlight for a few minutes every day.




Fresh homecooked foodEat Fresh Cooked Vegetarian Food

Always try to consume fresh home-cooked food as it is full of prana (life force) and nutrients. Eating fast food and junk food should be completely avoided. Ayurveda recommends eating vegetarian food over non-vegetarian food as vegetarian food gives more nourishment to the body.



Contradictory foodAvoid Contradictory Food

Food that aggravates doshas but does not eliminate them from the body is called contradictory food. If consumed repeatedly, contradictory food takes a heavy toll on the digestive fire producing ama or toxins. This naturally can lead to any disease in the body. Some examples of contradictory food items are fish and milk, salt and milk, milk with sour fruits, meat and potatoes, olive and nuts.




Meditation is a great stress buster. It disconnects one from the outer world and helps in attaining inner peace. Just sit down and close your eyes for few minutes. This technique will help you feel healed after the session.




It’s better late than sorry. Please take out some time for yourself and focus on your health because it is rightly said that “Heath is Wealth.” Be fit and live a healthy life always.

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