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A 2 Year Old Child Dies After Consuming Expired Cough Syrup 0

A two year old Karnataka boy died on Wednesday morning after his mother mistakenly gave him a dose of expired cough syrup.

According to Police, the boy’s mother, Manasa allegedly took the decision to give oral drops to her son without taking any medical advice. She decided to give her son the cough syrup when the boy’s cough was persistent without eve checking that the syrup was long past its expiry date.

Dikshit lost consciousness within minutes after consuming the cough syrup. The parents immediately took their child to a nearby taluk hospital where the only duty doctor was busy conducting a postmortem. The family then took Dikshit to a private nursing home where the doctors refused to admit him claiming that he was brought dead. The boy was again rushed back to the taluk hospital. But, after conducting a series of tests, including electrocardiogram, Dr Ravi concluded that the boy was dead.

The parents accused the duty doctor of medical negligence, claiming that Dikshit’s life could have been saved if the doctor had treated him when he was first brought to the hospital. Dr. Ravi completely denied the allegations.

District Health Officer, Dr Mohan, told The Times of India that the issue was that the parents gave the boy an expired cough syrup, without seeking medical advice.

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