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100 Percent Fruit Juice Is Absolutely Safe For Type 2 Diabetes Patients 0

A new study has found that drinking 100 percent fruit juice does not increase blood sugar levels. The study supports a growing body of evidence that the drink has no significant effect on glycemic control. The findings are consistent with previous research results that claim that 100 percent fruit juice is not associated with an increased risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

The study assessed the relationship between drinking 100 percent juice and blood glucose control. The systematic review and meta-analysis included 18 randomised controlled trials (RCT) to evaluate the impact of 100 percent juice from fruits, such as apple, berry, citrus, grape, and pomegranate. Notably, fasting blood glucose and fasting blood insulin levels were used as biomarkers for diabetes risk.

According to the study, published in the Journal of Nutritional Science, a 118 ml glass of 100 percent juice counts as one serving (1/2 cup) of fruit and can complement whole fruit to help individuals add more produce to their diets, reported NDTV News.

Type 2 Diabetes is a metabolic disorder where the body is unable to respond to insulin. Experts suggest that the first line of defense for preventing and treating Type 2 Diabetes is following a healthy lifestyle. Eating right, exercising regularly and staying at a healthy weight are encouraged.

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